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Our Vision

To Be the Best in the World at Providing:

Service which meets or exceeds the initial and continuing needs and expectations of our customers and providing products at a level of quality and reliability second to none | Innovative Surface Engineering | Excellent pumping and fluid management solutions

Our Company

Delivering world-class solutions for over 25 years

KPM Ltd is a rotating equipment manufacturer, distributor and renewal business that serves North America and worldwide. For over 25 years KPM Ltd continues to be a preferred supplier of premium abrasion and load resistant components that meet the demanding requirements of strength, durability, corrosion and wear resistance.

KPM Ltd supports end-users, OEMs and remanufactures with surface enhancement and component renewal.


  • ISO Certified
  • Lloyds Registration Certification
  • Komatsu America Certification
  • National Pumps distribution in many areas in British Columbia
  • KPM holds 11 product trademarks on 2 continents
  • Zero particulate emissions in our production spray processes as of 2015
  • 90% reduction in green house emissions in Canadian production plants
  • In 2015 we were awarded 1 of 2 Industry Canada Research Grants

Certifications & Associations

  • Certifications and Associations

    KomatsuAtlas PumpCAMESEBCWWA

  • Certificationa and Associations

    Magna DriveNational Pump CompanyISO CertifiedBJM Pumps

  • Certificationa and Associations

    International Thermal SprayLloyd's Register

50 percent savings on restoration which is cost effective expanding the life cycle of your parts

Benefits of Restoration vs. Buying New

Remanufacturing can save you between 50% to 90% costs versus buying new and provide ENHANCED performance.

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