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SAFETY | Safety is important to us, so we ensure that our products and services are engineered for safe operation as well as maintaining a safe work environment. We consistently follow our safety program and are committed to safeguarding our employees, natural resources and global environment.

QUALITY | Here at KPM we believe in building quality into everything that we do, it is important to us for our customers to have trust and confidence in our products and services.

CUSTOMER CARE | We believe in meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as well as catering to their individual needs. We give our customers the upmost respect and understanding in order to build their trust and confidence in us.

INNOVATION | At KPM we believe in creating products that bring real value to our customers and to improve financial return for the company. We are consistently testing new ideas and developing our products that create solutions.

IMPROVEMENT | We believe in continuous improvement and how we can better serve our customers. We learn from our past mistakes and take those as way to develop our knowledge, products and services.

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Certified ISO-9001:2008 Company

ISO Quality Assurance Certified

Through the team effort of our employees and suppliers we are dedicated to providing services which meet or exceed our customer's expectation. KPM is committed to continually improve its quality management system and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.



The management of KPM is committed to the following:

To continually exceed our customer expectations with consistent quality service and products.

Strive to maintain strong client/supplier relationships and support it with our network of factory dealers, representatives and suppliers.

Constantly seeking to develop new innovative technology and solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Always conduct our business with fairness and integrity to our customers, suppliers and employees.

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